Why did you start this project?

A lot like everyone else, I’ve seen and been through my fair share of devastating and heartbreaking situations. I know I’m not alone going through things like this but some things I’ve had to deal were beyond anything I could ever imagine a person would actually do to another person. Through writing, producing and being creative…I wanted to connect with my soul again and I am hoping the music connects with people that might be hurting and might feel the same way. More importantly to tell everyone there is hope and they are never alone…if nothing else they can always reach out to me and I’ll do my best to talk with them. The circumstances we are in and the actions of others do not define us, we cannot change other people – only ourselves. The pain is an opportunity for us to grow and find our inner strength and voice. I know when I was in the middle of it all, I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel, but it was there and I see it now. I want to connect my music with as many people as possible that might feel lost in the woods with no compass and who don’t see a way out. We must go through the darkness to see the light. We must go through the night to see the day.

What is the music about?

I grew up listening to Punk Rock music in a small town and was considered a freak and an outcast because of my hair, fashion and musical tastes. My other punk rock friends were bullied and picked on as well as threatened and mocked. The problem with it all is that everyone is a person and everyone feels pain, these types of behaviors are unacceptable. So the music is a reflection of that and hopefully a message to people that it’s OK to be heartbroken, to cry and feel that you’ve been dealt a bad hand. It’s OK to be scared or have problems with your parents, a brother or sister, kids at school, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a co-worker – things can and will get better. If they did for me, they certainly can for anyone. Please never be afraid to reach out for help, it does not matter to whom; just do not be ashamed, everyone needs help at some time in their life.

Some of the songs can also be gritty and those are based upon the things I’ve seen living in and around Hollywood, it never ceases to amaze me the damage we are willing to do to ourselves and to others. Hopefully I can paint a canvas with this music that people can get a glimpse into the underbelly of Los Angeles, it’s a tough place to live, don’t let the sun shine fool you, it’s nothing like it is in the movies.

Everyone who plays on the band is a comic book character, why?

First off I love graphic novels and super heroes, and that is what the band is based off of… basically we’re not trying to be Rock Stars of any kind, we want to make music that relates to the heartbroken and the rejected, the people that go through tough times, real life, not this artificial nonsense that people put on social media today. In real life you will get hurt, it’s inevitable, it cannot be stopped…It can only be dealt with, there is nowhere to hide and we must feel it. For an example, I dated a girl for a little while that I was madly in love with and she decided to leave me. I was devastated and wanted to get back together, I essentially made a fool of myself by attempting to win her back. She let me play this game for a while and never even had the decency to say anything to me ( I guess she was too busy to respond). Years later and I get a friend request on Facebook, could you imagine? Again, it all goes back to the cruelty that we all at one time or another go through. Life is hard and we’re living in a time where fake happiness in the word of Facebook and Instagram is just common place. Don’t you just want to scream “My life isn’t perfect, dammit! Where did I go wrong?” So it’s not about the who we are, it’s about the music we make, the message we deliver, whether it’s anger, resentment, rage, despair, guilt, heartbreak, I think I covered a lot of that in the songs.

What would you like to see come out of the Demolition City Saints?

To help people through music, through quotes, through stories, through speaking and relating to them. I’m a human being and I was tossed aside and left for dead and if anyone is having a hard time dealing with any type of pain, we would like to make a connection with them anyway we can. To me, music speaks the loudest, it resonates through my soul, and I feel it like nothing else. Words are strong and songs are powerful. I want people to know the DCS understands what they are going through and they are safe to reach out to us about anything, we do not judge.

What are the musical influences that inspired you to start this project?

There are a lot of them, but off the top of my head, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Distillers, Hole & Courtney Love, Garbage & Shirley Manson, The Runaways, Rancid, My Chemical Romance, AC/DC. Kiss, Alkaline Trio, AFI, The Misfits, L7, T-Rex and X-Ray Specs would probably be the most influential.

Any message you would like to get out to people that connect with Demolition City Saints?

Embrace being the outcast; don’t be afraid to be weird or different. Trying to be like everyone else is boring, be who you truly are (which is glorious). Don’t try to fit into other peoples groups, make your own group and if no one wants to join you, believe in yourself and the rest will follow. What might seem to be so important today is something you might laugh about years down the road so dream big and let no one tell you that it’s wrong.

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