Welcome to day 1 of our album journey! We are extremely excited and honored to have you along for this walk through, hopefully you will gain more insight into the songs and some of the things that make the DCS what it is today and hopefully what it will become in the future. Thank you again for taking the time!


“Hey little day dream, Hey now where you been today, So f***ing mainstream, Now what you got to say”



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“Watch Me Melt” is probably one of the first two songs I ever wrote. I had no clue what I was doing but I guess that was half the fun. I was broke, hungry (ya know, doing the musician thing) hunkered down and drinking heavily at the time in a tiny studio apartment right off Hollywood Blvd. It was an apartment building you could write a book about and one that I would eventually wind up meeting and marrying my now ex wife! Anything went there and the stench in the air was that of wanna be rock stars and actors sleeping on floors and couches. Before I would meet, marry and divorce my not so wonderful wife, I was dating a different crazy girl at the time. I think I must have a thing for dramatic women! It was one of those intense on again off again relationships (love/hate if you know what I mean). “I’m feeling wasted, I threw up to be with you” – who does that? OK, OK, I’ll admit I did it once or twice (what can I say I really liked the girl) and then the arguing would begin and I could not stand to be in the same room with her for five minutes. Then without fail that love/hate thing would rear it’s head and the melting would start all over again. I always liked the Modern English song “I Melt With You” and that’s where I got the lyrical inspiration from. The musical influence was easy, the Ramones live album “Loco Live” was on repeat all day every day and I felt for my neighbors, how many times could they hear “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” in a day?
The one hitch in the giddy up was the heavy breakdown in the middle of the song that in my mind I had to have, I even had to slow the tempo down. Needless to say drummers have hated me for it ever since. I was at the very beginning of my song writing journey and no rules applied (how could they, I never wrote anything before) so it was a blast to write it and record it even with the drummer throwing sticks at the back of my head! Melody did a great job of bringing the lyrics to life as always and it seems to be a song that a lot of people like for many different reasons. Maybe being a novice worked in my favor? I guess I’ll let you decide. 



If your enjoying our journey together thus far and like what your hearing please take a listen to some more song samples from the album.

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